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Missouri Second Injury Fund- What You Need to Know

Whenever an employee is injured, a report of injury is to be filed with the State of Missouri. If an employee chooses, he may file a claim for compensation with the Workers’ Compensation division.

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What You Should Do After an Automobile, Truck Or Motorcycle Accident

Contact the police at the scene of any significant accident, especially when injuries are involved. A driver is more likely to be truthful at the scene of the accident.

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Reporting Missouri Workers’ Compensation Injuries – What You Should Know

Joe is an honest, hardworking employee who injures his back on the job on a Friday afternoon. Joe doesn’t know if he is injured and decides not to report the accident to the employer that afternoon. He figures that he will put ice and heat on his back over the weekend in hopes that he will feel better by Monday when he goes back to work.

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Missouri Workers’ Compensation Division – What You Need to Know.

The Missouri workers’ compensation division is located in Jefferson City. This is the central office which administers all of the local branch offices.

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