This Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Compensation for Head Injuries

Concussion prevention and brain injury awareness have become more prevalent over the last few years, especially has breakthroughs in science and technology have allowed researchers to uncover exactly how the brain is negatively affected upon any hard impact. A startling number of NFL players have gone public about their struggles with brain health due to

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Your Top Personal Injury Questions

Injuries happen all of the time, but certain injuries occur in circumstances that make them possible to pursue legally. If you have sustained a significant injury and are now wondering how to proceed, these questions and answers will help guide you to a solution. What Qualifies As a Personal Injury?

A St. Louis Car Accident Attorney Can Make Your Life Easier

So you’ve just been injured in a car accident and you have mounting bills, lost wages fr and a lot of worries. There are many reasons for hiring an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer. The first reason is that you want to receive the full value of your claim. Nobody wants to be taken

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St. Louis Car Accident Attorney Discusses Pitfalls In Personal Injury Claims That Will Cost You Money

How can you lose money after a car accident? Sometimes we make a mistake in trusting other people to treat us fairly, rather than getting help when we need it. Insurance companies start building a case against you from day 1! Adjusters are taught to believe that everyone involved in a car accident is dishonest ,or at

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St. Louis Injury Attorney Cites Debate Over Helmut Missouri Safety

As a personal injury attorney, I would welcome comments from bikers.   JEFF SWANEY FREE CONSULTATION 314-481-7778  Missouri could change motorcycle helmet law     10:06 AM CDT on Thursday, April 30, 2009       JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Legislation modifying Missouri’s motorcycle helmet law is on its way to the governor. The bill would allow

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