Determining Partial or Total Disability: What You Need to Know

When you are seriously injured on the job, you likely expect to go back to work eventually. However, some injuries are so severe that you cannot fully recover from them. These severe injuries are considered to be a disability. However, whether it is a partial or total disability is determined by several factors. The Doctors

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St. Louis Lawyer Posts Informtion On What To Think About When Considering Back Surgery

Back Pain Health Center Font Size  Below is a great article about making the decision whether or not to have surgery.  JEFF SWANEY FREE CONSULTATION 314-481-7778 A A A Interactive Tool: Should I Consider Surgery for My Low Back Problem? – What does this tool measure? Click here to find out whether surgery may help

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St. Louis Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses the Problems of Working While You are Applying for Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Attorney| A disabled person can work as long as they make less than$980.00 in 2009 | Free Consultation 314-481-7778

St. Louis “Work Comp Lawyer” Says Missouri Worker’s Compenstion System Is Unfair to Injured Workers

There is a myth that the Missouri Worker’s Compensation system is a liberal, give-a-way system which is laden with all kinds gratuitous perks for anyone who happens to be” lucky enough” to strain their back a little after a hard days work. The image that insurance companies have created is that of lazy employees being

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St. Louis “Work Comp Lawyer” Dicusses Herniated Disc Injuries

Very few injuries that we commonly see can change a claimant’s life as dramatically as a “herniated disc”. Many similar terms are used almost interchangeably like “ruptured disc” , “disc protrusion” and “herniated nucleous pulposis”.Doctors often describe disc as being like a”jelly donut” between the vertebrae.When the disc material inside of the disc leaks out

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St. Louis Work Injury Attorney Explains Permanant Partial Disability And Permanant Total Disability

As a Missouri and Illinois “work comp” attorney, I have reached thousands of settlements on behalf of “claimants” (Missouri) and “petitioners” (Illinois) . Many claimants and/or petitioners will often compare their settlements to other injured employees when a comparison may not be appropriate. It is important to first understand that there are two types of

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St. Louis Social Security Disability Lawyer Discusses Tips On Preparing For Your Hearing

Our office has been working with “Social Security Claimants” for over two decades. Most Social Security applicants don’t understand what is involved in successfully presenting their case in front of an administrative law judge. First, it is important to understand that it is normally not enough to prove that you can’t work at your last job.

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