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Choosing The Best Injury/Disability Attorney In St Louis For Your Case

June 29, 2010

How can you choose the best injury attorney in St Louis for your case? First, it is important to understand that there are many different areas of practice.Some attorneys focus their practice on car accident cases.This generally involves alot of negotiations and frequent jury trials.Other attorneys focus on work comp cases and deal with trials in front of work comp judges.Other attorneys focus on Social Security disability claims.This involves hearings in front of social security judges and having a keen understanding of what is needed to document disability.There are also attorneys who focus on complex litigation involving medical malpractice cases and products liability claims.It is important when you contact an attorney to find out how much of his time is spent practicing in the area that you need.Experience is critical to the sucess of your claim.Second,it is important to find out if an attorney is going to personally handle your case,or whether he is going to hand you off to an inexperienced underling.Third,you need to determine if the attorney has a personality that is compatable with yours. It is definitely difficult to work with someone that you dont like.Finally,you need to determine whether the attorney enjoys a good reputation in the legal community.You want someone who is both competent and trustworthy. JEFF SWANEY (314) 310-8373