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Live In Illinois,But Hurt In St.Louis:St. Louis Lawyer Discusses What You Need To Know About Work Comp

May 6, 2009

We have represented countless workers who live in Illinois, but who are hurt in St. louis or other places in Missouri. There is often causes confusion as to the legal rights and benifits which can be obtained. The problem is that you may be listening to a friend or relative who is telling you about their own experience. If they had an Illinois claim and you have a missouri claim, their advice can result in painful consequences. First of all, if you are employed in St. Louis and you were injured in St. Louis and you were hired in St. Louis, then you have only a Missouri case. If this is not the case, then an experienced attorney can tell you if you may be able to take advantage of “dual jurisdiction”. Keep in mind that the insurance company selects your doctor in Missouri work comp cases, but you can select your own doctor in Illinois. Listening to a neighbors advice can result in being stuck with medical bills in a Missouri case. On the otherhand, not taking advantage of “dual jurisdiction” can result in being stuck with a doctor that you could have fired. Always consult an attorney who handles work comp cases in both states. by Jeff Swaney FREE CONSULTATION (314) 310-8373