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Missouri “Work Comp” Laws Frustrate Attorneys Representing Injured Workers

May 12, 2009

Missouri Workers’ Compensation Laws have frustrated St. Louis attorneys for years, but now St. Louis lawyers are probably more frustrated than ever. Since “reform” took place a few years ago, insurance companies and some employers have become more aggressive in choosing their tactics. Drug testing provisions have resulted in reports of threats. Injured employees are often told “if you decide to make a Missouri Workmans Compensation Law” claim, I’ll have to fire you if your drug test comes back positive for marijuanna.In addition, some bussinesses have set up bonuses for workers contingent upon no injuries being reported. Employers have a legal obligation to report job injuries, but the system is set up to intimidate workers who will be pressured into lying and putting their claims through health insurance in order to be a “team player.” The employers health insurance coverage is not set up to handle injuries which should be covered as Missouri “work comp claims”. Additionally, under workers’ compensation reform, once you file for unemployment benifits , you cannot claim “workmans’ comp” benefits for the same period. Under the old law, if you were terminated and injured and you were trying claim TTD benefits, you could collect unemployment, but would have to reimburse Missouri Unemployment Compensation if you proved that you were owed TTD for the same period. Now,in this bad economy, an insurance company can “starve out” the employee by finding a flimsy reason for denying a case and forcing the employee to make an election, thereby forfeiting Missouri work injury benefits. Not only does the employee lose out, but Missouri Unemployment loses their reimbursement. Furthermore, employees often receive bogus denial letters from insurance companies on claims that are clearly compensable. Many trusting workers, especially those lacking education, are hoodwinked by people who know better. What a frustrating time for Missouri Workers’ Compensation lawyers who care about injured workers’ rights. By Jeff Swaney FREE CONSULTATION (314) 310-8373