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Missouri Workmans Compensation Attorney Says Dont Believe Them When They Tell You That Your Carpal Tunnel Isnt Work Related

July 15, 2010

You work at a job where you perform repetitive work with your hands.Maybe you are a secretary who does alot of typing.Maybe you are a forklift operator,or you are a scanner at a grocery store.Suddenly you begin to notice that your hands have been falling asleep and your grip seems weaker.At first you brush it off,but the symptoms keep getting worse.In time you cant get a good nights sleep because your hands keep you up.It reaches the point that you can no longer ignore it.You eventually see your family doctor who tells you that you have carpal tunnel syndrome.Your doctor asks you what you do for a living and you explain that your job requires you to perform alot of repetitive work with your hands.Your doctor tells you that your condition may be work related.Finally,you report this to your employer and their insurance company sends you to one of their “chosen doctors”.You go the appointment and you are told,”sorry”,but your condition is not related to your work.You are told that it is due to your “age” or it is because you are a “middle-aged woman”. Maybe you are told that it is because you are “overweight” or you are”diabetic”.You are given every reason in the world why your condition isnt work-related.In addition,you are asked about your smoking and drinking habits as well as questions about your hobbies and you are told that your hobbies are causing your condition.In your heart though,you know that your condition is related to your work.Does this sound familiar?..My advice is simple-dont believe them!Insurance companies have lists of doctors that they use to deny carpal tunnel claims.Everyday in my practice,I see these situations arise and we ultimately settle,or win these kinds of claims in court on a routine basis.An attorney will only charge a fee based on a successful result.So there is nothing to loose by contacting a workers compensation attorney to help you.Everyday workers walk away from good claims based on opinions from insurance company doctors who are rewarded handsomely for their opinions.Consequently,it is important to protect yourself by learning your rights. JEFF SWANEYCONTACT AT (314) 310-8373