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St. Louis Attorney Notifies Disability Claimants That Benifits May Soon Increase

May 15, 2009

Obama: Entitlement Changes Key To Budget Health

Obama Says Social Security Disability Part Of Broad Review Of Entitlement Programs

RIO RANCHO, N.M., May. 14, 2009

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Below is a recent article regarding the possibility that disability benifits may soon increase.

(AP) President Barack Obama says he likes the idea of increasing income limits for those receiving Social Security disability payments, but also says it costs money.

Obama on Thursday told a town hall-style meeting in New Mexico that he is open to giving federal disability payments to more people. But he said it has to be part of a broader review of government entitlements, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

He says changing entitlement programs is a major piece in his plan to rein in federal spending. He says his team is going through the budget line by line to eliminate waste.

Obama says that disability claims have gone up during the economic downturn.