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St. Louis Injury Attorney Discusses Putting The “Personal” Back In Personal Injury

Jan. 22, 2009

As an attorney handling Car Accident Injury cases, “Work Comp” cases and Social Security Disability claims, I find it challenging to balance the demands which are made on my time. First, it is important to accomplish results. As an attorney, you may be a nice guy, but you were hired to accomplish the best possible result for your clients. This requires meticulous attention to detail. Every day pages and pages of medical records run across my desk for review. In addition, time needs to be made to think through a game plan for determining how each case needs to be approached. You must be more prepared than your opponent, and not paying attention to detail can cause heartache to an attorney, or perhaps, even worse, a heart attack! Also, a lot of time must be spent when legal research needs to be done. Secondly, time has to be spent reading and keeping up with developments in your field because the law is constantly changing and being reinterpreted by the courts. When you meet with someone, they aren’t interested in what the state of the law was six months ago, they want to know how good their case is now. Thirdly, it takes time to manage your own personnel, to make sure that you are complying with all of the requirements of running a law office, and to evaluate the directions and trends in your field. After all, you must manage people, pay their salaries and benefits, pay your taxes and make sure that you are in compliance with numerous requirements of running a law office. Fourthly, you must allow time for evaluating new cases and meeting with new people. Unfortunately, what is often missing is giving personal attention to clients. There is no easy way to put the “personal” back in personal injury claims. It requires a consistent effort to take time out of every busy day in order to report back to the people who are placing their trust in you. Any true personal injury attorney will only get this done working long days, including weekends. In short, the only way to put the personal in personal injury is through dedication and hard work. Come to think of it, this is no great secret and it is the common ingredient in all successful businesses. So the question is “Is your attorney too busy to call you back?” Submitted by Jeff Swaney FREE CONSULTATION (314) 310-8373