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What You Need to Know About the Second Injury Fund

June 20, 2019

Did you know that there may be additional avenues of compensation if you have been injured on the job? If you had a previous injury or disability and you are injured on the job causing total disability, there is a fund available to help provide you with additional compensation beyond what the company provides with their workers’ compensation insurance. Here’s what you need to know about this fund and how it works.

What Is the Second Injury Fund?

The Second Injury Fund is a benefit that Missouri workers enjoy but few know about. This fund was set up after World War II when employers were hesitant to hire individuals who had sustained injuries in the war. The purpose of the fund is to provide additional compensation beyond the means of the company when a worker becomes permanently disabled.

How the Second Injury Fund Works

If you had a preexisting disability or injury and you are injured on the job causing permanent disability, the company you work for is required to provide you with a certain amount of compensation through their workers’ compensation insurance and other funding. However, when permanent disability occurs, it often means a loss of income that has a massive impact, and the company may not be able to compensate you fully.

The Second Injury Fund allows you to get additional compensation for your lost income. This compensation can mean the difference between survival and falling behind on your basic necessities over time. In order to qualify for the Second Injury Fund, you only need to be permanently disabled through an injury on the job with a pre-existing disability or injury.

Most people don’t know about the Second Injury Fund, and few people who do not have representation are able to take advantage of it. If you had a preexisting disability and you were permanently disabled while on the job, contact us today to learn more or to get started with representation.