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What You Should Do After an Automobile, Truck Or Motorcycle Accident

Sept. 12, 2008

St. Louis Car Accident Attorney- Police Reports

Car Accident:

Situation :

Cindy is on the highway and she is struck from the rear by another driver. Both drivers pull over and the other driver apologizes for running into Cindy. She asks her not to contact the police and provides her with insurance information. Cindy contacts the other driver’s insurance company in order to have her car fix and to report that she is injured. The other driver’s insurance adjuster tells Cindy the case is being denied because the other driver gave a statement and said that Cindy swerved in front of her and stopped suddenly.


Contact the police at the scene of any significant accident, especially when injuries are involved. A driver is more likely to be truthful at the scene of the accident. A driver may start to think about an accident and may try to come up with an explanation to suite their purpose. Submitted Jeff Swaney FREE CONSULTATION (314) 310-8373

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