Workers Compensation FAQs

How much does it cost to meet with an attorney and discuss my case?
Answer: There is no charge for our initial consultation. You may sit down and discuss your problems with an attorney and there is no charge or obligation to hire us.

How much do I have to pay if I don’t win my case?
Answer: There is no fee for our services unless we get results! Our fee is based upon a percentage of the amount of damages which we recover for you.

What are the benefits which I can obtain under the workers’ compensation law?
Answer: An injured worker is entitled to lost time benefits (called temporary total disability) for his time off from work as well as medical treatment which is needed in order to help the employee recover from his injuries. An injured employee is also entitled to compensation for his injuries when he makes less than a full recovery (called permanent partial disability). There may also be a second injury fund claim if the injured employee has any previous injuries or disabilities. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney knows the value of these benefits and how to work effectively on your behalf.

When do I need to hire an attorney?
Answer: We recommend hiring an attorney as soon as possible after you are injured. Early in your case, there are decisions which need to be made that can affect the outcome. Making the right decisions early can affect how smoothly your claim is handled, and the amount of compensation that can be obtained.

When should I report an accident?
Answer: You should report an accident to your employer immediately. Employers and insurance companies look suspiciously upon cases when there is a delay in reporting an accident. The law states that an injured employee shall report a claim within 30 days, although there are circumstances in which an experienced attorney may be able to argue for waiver of this requirement.

How do I find out if the insurance company has sent me to a good doctor?
Answer: There are good doctors and there are bad doctors. Insurance companies often use the same doctors over and over. Some of the doctors that insurance companies choose have good reputations excellent skills. In other cases, biased doctors are chosen because they tend to write opinions which favor the employers side of the case. An experienced attorney will know the reputation of insurance company’s doctors. At The Swaney Law Firm we know the reputation of the doctors used by insurance companies and how to deal with them effectively.

How much will a lawyer cost me at the end of my case?
Answer: An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will achieve excellent results when it comes to reaching a settlement. Studies have shown that injured employees receive significantly more compensation when they are represented. A skilled lawyer should be able to settle for an amount which more than justifies the fee which has been charged.