St. Louis Injury Attorneys


When you are injured in an accident and decide that you are going to pursue a personal injury claim, you will have many choices. There is no shortage of attorneys out there who are spending lots of money on marketing in the hopes of landing your case. Most law firms tend to trumpet alleged big settlements and jury verdicts. My firm has definitely had it share of success when it comes to achieving great outcomes for our clients. Nonetheless, my experience tells me that service is just as important as bottom line results. Over the years, I have interviewed potential new clients regarding their claims who have been represented by other attorneys on their past injury claims. When we have asked the obvious question: “Why didn’t you go back to that attorney?” I have heard common complaints about a lack of communication, a lack of service, and a lack of respect. I have listened carefully to the complaints these individuals have expressed through the years, and used their perspectives to develop an approach which is direct, honest and respectful. I have combined these lessons with my own experience in an effort to continue providing the best possible service to my clients. Your experience should be about more than just how much money you clear after payment of your attorney’s fee and medical expenses.

In my experience the most common reason that clients have fired their prior attorneys or chosen not to go back to them with new claims is the failure of those attorneys to return phone calls or otherwise communicate with them while handling their claims. This complete lack of communication includes a failure to respond to emails and/or letters in addition to failing to return phone calls. There is no excuse for this. Even if an attorney is in trial, or is on vacation, or is experiencing other difficulties with respect to his or her schedule, a client deserves the courtesy and consideration of a returned call or email, or at least an acknowledgement that the attorney has received the message and will be responding sometime soon. The failure to return phone calls indicates a lack of respect and professionalism. It can undermine confidence in the attorney’s ability to accomplish a result for the client, and no amount of discussion about a great bottom line settlement is going to change this dynamic.

It is also important for the attorney to have experience in the type of matter which is being handled. For example, you probably don’t want an attorney who specializes in tax or real estate law to handle a car accident claim. Many attorneys think that personal injury cases and automobile accident cases are easy to handle and try to take them “on the fly,” but injury work is highly specialized, and those attorneys who handle injury work exclusively or as a large percentage of their practices, are more likely to know how to handle an injury claim and get the best result.

A personal injury attorney should always be honest and candid with his clients about their injury claims. Many attorneys tend to overstate how great the case is when he is trying to get the client to hire him or her, but some of these attorneys tend to “change their tune” once they are hired. This lack of honesty and candor about the case is another form of disrespect. A personal injury attorney shouldn’t behave like a used car salesman. If an attorney is not going to be honest and straightforward with you, he should not be retained. As a client, you sometimes need to know the bad news as well as the good news. You are hiring an injury attorney in order to gain the benefit his expertise and experience, and you will not be getting that benefit if he is not being honest or candid with you. It is certainly true that a candid discussion can be uncomfortable and the information being presented can be a disappointment, but it is your attorney’s obligation to politely and respectfully provide you with his assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Providing anything less would a complete disservice.

At the Swaney Law Firm, I have handled countless personal injury claims throughout the Greater St. Louis Area for over 25 years. If you give me a chance, you will find that, in addition to getting the best possible result, you will receive great service and be treated with respect and courtesy.


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