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If You've Been Injured at Work, You May Be Receiving Less Money Than You Deserve

Insurance companies, like any other type of business, strive to make as much profit with each of their customers as possible. As a result, they will fight to give you the smallest amount necessary when you've been injured at work, whether you actually need it or not.

As a highly skilled team, we work diligently for our clients to help them seek the highest possible workers' compensation settlement as possible because we know your expenses after your injury can add up. If you live in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area and are suffering from a work injury or occupational disease, we can help.

Because of your employer's insurance plan, you may not be getting paid for your time off from the place where your injury occurred in the first place. Living without your regular income can make a large impact on how you live your life from day to day, and those uncertainties can definitely feel overwhelming.

Throughout St. Louis County, we provide those with permanent and temporary injuries with peace of mind knowing that their case is in good hands. Once we meet, we will begin work on fighting for compensation on your behalf. Schedule a free consultation today.


Your Injury Shouldn't Put a
Halt to Your Day-to-Day Life

As an experienced personal injury team, we have seen our fair share of injuries, unfair treatment from insurance companies, and gratifying settlements. Throughout the greater St. Louis area, including Bridgeton, St. Charles, Florissant, and everywhere in between, clients have come to us searching for a solution to their difficult legal matters.

From typical car and truck accidents to accidents involving a drunk or uninsured driver, you can be facing mountains of medical expenses, necessary repairs to your vehicle, or the need to stay home from work until you recover or even the rest of your life. Chances are, your insurance company won't completely cover all of it.

Even seemingly minor injuries like slip-and-falls and dog or animal bites can put a dent in your credit card debt or savings accounts. We will be there for you to ensure your voice is being heard and your rights are protected so you won't have to worry about your financial safety net. If you come to us on behalf of your loved one that was killed, we won't give up until we have done everything we can to help.

We can guide you through your case if you're facing difficulties with the application for or maintaining your Social Security disability benefits. Call our office in St. Louis, Missouri today to schedule a free consultation and begin your road to recovery.